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Our site is the largest, most central tourism site in Upper Galilee (South Hula Valley), at the foot of the Golan Heights.

The rafting takes place approximately 10 minutes from Rosh Pina adjacent to Kibbutz Gadot in Upper Galilee in a paradise of nature and attractions… the beauty of the eucalyptus grove, the whisper of the caressing wind, the flow of the water in the mountainous northern Jordan River channel, and especially the white water adventures exclusive to Jordan River Rafting.

All the options and more … !

  • Kayaking / rafting along the standard route.
  • Adventurous white water rafting in the mountainous Jordan River.
  • Paintball facility in the grove.
  • Ranger trips.
  • Jeep trips.
  • Various guided hikes.
  • Enormous zip-line into the water.
  • Archery.
  • VIP group facilities.
  • Event garden.
  • Rooftop event venue.
  • Air-conditioned Sultan's Palace for events and workshops.
  • Iskandar kosher meat restaurant on the river bank.
  • Therapists and therapy tents.
  • Rich variety of workshops, lectures and activities.
  • Activity centers for groups of up to 500 and more…
  • Wide range of package deals at attractive prices for company bonding days…

Available at the kibbutz:

  • Modular group price list.
  • Integrated activity price list.
  • Selection of bonding day packages.
  • Activity center ideas.
  • Guest price list: Receptions, sumptuous variety of meat menus…

So grab a paddle and be on your way…

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Always at your service – Jordan River Rafting staff!


Eran, Anama and Sharon.

For Marketing and Reservations, call Sharon at:

Tel: 072-3726527

fax: 04-9007001.

Eran Gigi – Site Manager: 054-7744660.

Range of activities offered at one site:

 Standard boat trip on the Jordan River

Come sail kayaks or boats down the Jordan River along the standard route. The sailing route abounds with eucalyptus and fig trees, date palms and rich river vegetation, passes under Bnot Ya'akov bridge where the river enters the natural channel and ends after the sudden, exciting natural bend in the river at Vadum Jacob, a traditional crusader castle with a fascinating story. The route provides about an hour of non-stop rafting.

Route duration: About 75 minutes.

Jordan River Rafting's adventurous white river rafting on  the mountainous Jordan River in cooperation with Neharot:

The mountainous Jordan River is one of the most beautiful and thrilling places in Israel: 12 km of stormy, gushing river flowing rapidly and dropping over 200 meters until its outlet in Bet Zayda Valley on the banks of Lake Kinneret. The mountainous Jordan flows at its peak during winter and spring, allowing rafting lovers the thrill of action and adventure. Tempestuous rapids, waves, cascades, and narrow passages – the perfect white water celebration. Apart from stormy rafting and loads of action, the Jordan River also offers a trip in a charming, picturesque spot: A deep craggy canyon, ancient castles and flour mills, multicolored carpets of flowers, birds, and wildlife – the ideal rafting experience (for the mountainous route – ask for full details).

We have 2 mountainous Jordan routes to offer:

  • Long trip – 5-6 hours from the rafting site to Hadodot bridge (over 8 participants).
  • Short trip – 2-3 hours from the rafting site to Kfar Hanassi (over 12 participants).

Zip-line to the Jordan river:

Jordan River Rafting offers the courageous among you an enormous 70 meter long zip-line 15 meters high directly into the Jordan River waters!

Sliding is performed in a safety harness and experienced instructors dispatch and release the sliders. Are you in a great mood? No wonder, even when your heart’s pounding… there's nothing like overcoming the fear…

Ranger trips.

Helmets are already on, the keys in the ignition and the foot on the accelerator. Do you hear the sound? It's the sound of the next adventure at Jordan River Rafting. The ranger trip is about to depart.

We'll travel along the Jordan River among the agricultural fields, orchards and Galilean nature to Hapkal Bridge; we'll cross it to reach… surprise, a natural Jacuzzi… There, we'll stop a while for some fun and explanations about the area and the natural vegetation growing there. Drivers will have ample room to prove their driving skills. We've already mentioned rangers and the mind-blowing wild surroundings … Rangers, rangers, and what about ATMs? And how! They’re there too… (by prior arrangement).

Duration: About 90 minutes (3 persons per ranger).

Paintball in the Jordan River Rafting grove:

Shoot 100 paint balls at the living targets before you, fire!!

Paintball! Let's go back for a moment to our army days…

If you are tired of action films, it's time to show what you're worth!

Jordan River Rafting's firing zone is located in green surrounding which form natural topography, hideouts and camouflage and poses plenty of challenge and thought. A real nature reserve! So come on comrade, the paintball zone is waiting for you!

Battle duration: 60 minutes.

Duration: 90 minutes.

Jeep trip

On one of Upper Galilee's most thrilling trails an unforgettable experience waits you among the rocky basalt, the natural grove and the water and mud passages, which won't leave you dry, The trip departs from Jordan River Rafting and continues along the river to the Gilabon River, where the boulders await you, those which off-road drivers dream of. After crossing the river, we reach the Little Fajr, called so because of its bully brother, the Great Fajr (Shua River).

Imagine a magical thicket of berry and plane trees, raspberry shrubs and fig and plumb trees. There, in the heart of a tiny, shady paradise, is a hidden spring, whose water flows into a natural pool. It's the time and place to dip you feet in the water, enjoy the tranquility and merge with nature. Towards the end of the jeep trip, we pass the challenging passage of the Shua River, cross Ein Tina wadi and continue to an observation point of the Hula Valley and the Galilee panhandle.

Duration: About two hours.

Cycling trip:

Here at Jordan River Rafting the whole family can enjoy a shared nature trip in the spectacular wild green landscape via Pkak Bridge and the Gilabon falls. And what about the pace, you ask? The pace is calm, as is fitting for cycling in nature. Jordan River Rafting bicycles are extremely safe and undergo ongoing maintenance after every trip, and the guides are professional and experienced.

Duration: 90 min.

  • The Jordan River Rafting site holds all the authorizations, insurance and kashrut certificates required by law.
  • All agents’ prices are net and include VAT.
  • Prices are valid until end November 2019.
  • The company reserves the right to change this price list at any time.
  • E&OE.


See you at Jordan River Rafting!

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